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MINI GOLF INDIA can provide a complete 'end to end' solution for clients. Working closely with our clients we can manage all aspects of the project though planning, design, construction and handover.



MINI GOLF INDIA manages the Planning Application process for clients and have achieved successful developments in a number of challenging terrains including hilly terrains. 

Our objective is to make this process ‘pain free’ and we adopt an open and cooperative approach working closely with our clients to ensure that all the key requirements and aspirations of all parties can be achieved.



The key challenge in designing a Mini Golf Course is to strike the right balance between the skill and fun elements. The course must of course be interesting and fun but it must also be a test of skill and not simply luck. Getting this balance right is the key to bringing people back to play it again and again.

The fun and interest elements are provided by our creative team who, with a background based in theme park and attraction design, provide features and props of a scale and detail unique in the Indian Golf market. All of our courses are designed with the aim of developing a ‘story line’ with a journey that is developed as a player play through the course. We aim to create a course that provides players with a degree of separation from other players – this adds to the ‘journey’ experience but also ensures that good flows are maintained and players are not ‘criss-crossing’ each other.

Within our course design we accommodate elevation changes and landscaping to provide the separation and flow around the course. We utilise various elements such as rock formations, water, planting and different materials to add to the experience and to compliment the clients chosen theme for the course.

The holes must be designed such that they represent a challenge and that they ‘reward’ skill but at the same time they must be accommodating to the younger player such that they can enjoy success also and not be penalised. All of our holes are carefully designed to accommodate both a ‘hard way’ and an ‘easy way’.

Adventure Golf is not golf in miniature or traditional crazy golf. Our holes are designed such that they have much in common with real golf. To balance interest and fun with the skill element, our adventure golf holes are contoured and set out to reflect the feel of a real putting green.  The contours and undulations are carefully designed such that a reasonably skilled player can balance speed and direction in the putt causing the ball to break and turn as it rolls toward the hole. In addition we utilised props and features which are designed to reward the younger players achieve a ‘hole in 1’ by putting into or through these.

Our Mini Golf course is unique with a customised design developed for each and every one of our clients. We always design and construct our features and props ourselves and where possible avoid ‘off the shelf’ solutions.


The Mini Golf team have hands on experience in constructing mini golf courses in India.

Uniquely in this niche market, the principals of our Group are Design Professionals and as such bring a high level of experience and construction expertise to the construction and delivery process.

For our clients this means that their investment is in ‘safe hands’.

All of our courses are constructed from ‘the bottom up’ meaning that the basic infrastructure that a under pins the course in terms of services and foundations etc. are carefully planned and robustly constructed to provide an inherently well planned, safe and durable course.

We proactively manage our projects and utilise well established construction principles and materials. We always endeavour to build in ‘future proofing’ such that future maintenance and possible enhancement is both straightforward and relatively in expensive.

By adopting good construction management practices and using our construction expertise, we deliver a high level of certainty to our clients. We adopt and implement current best practices and comply fully with all current statutory regulations and guidance.

Our processes and procedures are transparent and we pride ourselves on providing good and informative communications with regular progress meetings.

In simple terms this means that we deliver our clients projects that are of high quality, on time and on budget.

We have a proven model that works for our clients, providing a good and quick return on the investment made.


We can provide a purely consultancy based service to provide assistance in establishing the business case for a course and post completion operation.

Whether it be an indoor or outdoor facility, we can offer ‘ready to play’ courses for clients for as little as Rs. 100,000/-


General Discussions

Mini Golf Options, Viability, Space Requirements, other important questions, maintenance & operations

Site Analysis / Visit

Finalising on space, Site feasibility, Market analysis, Site visit (if reqd.), Site related questions

Concept Design

Concept Design based on various discussion, site visits, the concept  is prepared

Detailed Drawings

After finalisation of concept, the detailed working drawings are prepared along with BOQ


The construction of mini golf starts during this stage based on the working drawings


The Mini Golf construction work is supervised by highly trained Mini Golf Construction Professional

Final Beautification

The final touch is given by the senior team of Mini Golf to make sure it matches client's vision

Ready To Play

Now the Mini Golf Course is handed over to the client and general O&M guidelines are discussed. 



  • Scalability: Easily adaptable to available space, making it suitable for various locations and settings.

  • Cost-Effective: Significantly lower cost compared to traditional golf courses, making it a financially viable investment.

  • Accessibility: Provides an affordable and accessible form of golf entertainment, attracting a diverse range of customers.

  • Inclusive Entertainment: Requires no specific skills, making it inclusive for players of all ages and skill levels.

  • Year-Round Operation: Indoor Mini Golf Courses operate throughout the year, ensuring a consistent revenue stream.

  • High Throughput: Accommodates a large number of players within a short time, ensuring quick turnover.

  • Minimal Staffing: Requires a small team, often just two individuals, for efficient operation, reducing operational expenses.

  • Low Maintenance: Maximum profits with minimal ongoing expenses, ensuring a favorable return on investment.

  • Community Engagement: Serves as a community attraction, bringing people together for recreational activities.

  • Adaptable Themes: Easily customizable with various themes, catering to diverse preferences and attracting a broader audience.

  • Potential for Events: Suitable for hosting events, parties, and tournaments, expanding revenue opportunities.

  • Low Entry Barrier: Easy to set up and start, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Marketing Appeal: The novelty and fun factor make it an appealing marketing tool, attracting both repeat and new customers.

  • Positive ROI: Demonstrates a quick return on investment due to its popularity and low operational costs.

  • Health and Wellness: Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, aligning with the growing focus on wellness and leisure activities.

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