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Whether internal or external spaces, good landscape design reinforces the relationship between the populace and the built environment.


MINI GOLF INDIA creates inspirational and unforgettable Mini Golf environments from the smallest to the largest sites.


MINI GOLF INDIA  brings the design intent of the other disciplines into the open space, we create landscapes which enhance and compliment the Mini Golf development by collaborating with other disciplines within the group or other designers worldwide.

We are proud to provide domestic and international Mini Golf Landscape Architectural services.

Our services include:

• Mini Golf Concept Design and Feasibility

• Mini Golf Landscape Masterplanning

• Mini Golf Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments

• Mini Golf Course Qualitative and Quantitive Information

• Miniature Golf Landscape Management Plans

• Miniature Golf Course Detailed Design and Tender Packages

• Mini Golf Course Landscape Consultancy


We provide a delicate profession in a robust and commercial way to optimise the potential for the developer and the end user.


Creating a unique sense of

Mini Golf spaces

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